The Crafters of the Duduk: The Masterminds of a Magic Instrument

Georgy Minasov (Minasyan)

The legendary duduk master-player, author, teacher and inventor of the extended range duduk Georgy Minasov (Minasyan) was making world-class duduks since 1963. After his passage in 2020 his work is continued by his grandson - talented musician and duduk player Georgy Minasyan Jr. 


GGA professional musical instruments are recognized all over the world. Hayk and Galust Galstyans are folk masters and have been making Armenian folk brass instruments for 40 years. The instruments are exclusively hand-made works made from the best quality apricot tree wood and subdued to proper and thorough processing and the wood is dried for 7-10 years. As a result of professional work instruments have high quality sound, clean tire and unique sound. The Galstyans put their love of their profession, many years of experience, the Armenian national traditions of making brass instruments into each instrument and work with great responsibility.  


Vamelo is an Armenian musical instrument manufacturer founded in 2017 which produces professional Armenian duduks, reeds, cases and accessories. Vamelo takes pride in being the first duduk manufacturing company in Armenia, which was previously an individual craft. We handcraft fine duduks revealing the inner beauty of uncompromised Armenian sound. With our foundation in the fascinating history of traditional duduk making we are dedicated to continuing this proud tradition alongside contemporary technological advancements. At Vamelo, we believe that the fusion of tradition and contemporary technology creates high quality and enchanting products. 


If a duduk master is also a master duduk player then he can take every new instrument to a rehearsal to test it out! This is how master Sevada Iritsyan - a musician, duduk player of the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia, musical director of the ensemble "Karin" creates his instruments. Creates with love and meticulous attention to detail. That's why his instruments are one of the Dudukhouse favorites!  

Artak Asatryan

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Artak Asatryan has been playing duduk since age six. At nine years old, he played in the Armenian State Children Philharmonic Folk Instruments Orchestra as a first duduk player and soloist. Since then, Artak has over 20 years of duduk playing and teaching under his belt. In 2012 he founded the Tsirani Ensemble and has been a soloist and the artistic director of the group since that time teaching duduk at the same time. 

This master duduk player started making his own instruments in 2021 and Dudukhouse is proud to represent him. Artak's duduks are beautiful instruments meticulously tuned and offer accuracy, flexibility, centered tone, and projection.