About us

The House of Duduks aims to bring Armenian culture and music to North America. We provide professional-quality duduks and accessories to help musicians to reach their full potential. Our instruments are sourced directly from duduk makers in Armenia and are tested in Canada to meet our rigorous standards.

The creator and owner, Armen Matosyan, came back to duduks later in life from a strong cultural connection to music. However, playing the duduk was barely even a thought until he met Georgi Minasov (Minasyan), Armenia's prominent duduk master, teacher and inventor. From there, Armen began to learn to play duduk in 2016, progressing and honing his musical skills continuously. Armen has worked with Georgi Minasov to publish Master's six duduk methodology and repertoire books to life, now available globally. 

The Dudukhouse have been launched after discovering that many novice players often ended up purchasing poor, souvenir quality instruments online and gave up on their dream too early. Our store is created to fill this gap and serve to connect musicians to the master-crafted duduks, reeds and books that they need to play at their best.

May our instruments bring love and joy to those who play and those who listen.