About us

Welcome to Dudukhouse® – Your Global Source for Duduk Excellence

At Dudukhouse®, we are dedicated to spreading the rich heritage of Armenian culture and music far beyond North America. We proudly serve both professional and amateur duduk players around the world, ensuring they have access to the finest instruments, reeds, and educational resources. 

Our Commitment to Quality

Our mission is to empower musicians to reach their full potential, and we achieve this by sourcing our instruments and accessories directly from the most skilled duduk and reed makers in Armenia. To guarantee the highest standards, each item is meticulously tested right here in Canada, adhering to our stringent quality benchmarks.

A Solution Born of Passion

The Dudukhouse® was born from a deep-seated passion for the duduk. Recognizing that many aspiring players were often left disappointed with subpar, souvenir-grade instruments purchased online, we resolved to bridge this gap. Our store was conceived to provide a lifeline for those on a musical journey, connecting them with master-crafted duduks, premium reeds, and enlightening instructional materials.

Explore Our Blog

In addition to our extensive product offerings, we are proud to share our knowledge and expertise through our blog. Dive into a world of duduk learning intricacies, discover valuable tips, and benefit from expert advice that will enhance your musical journey.

Join us at The Dudukhouse®, where we not only provide you with exceptional duduk instruments and accessories but also foster a community of passionate duduk enthusiasts. Together, we celebrate the beauty and depth of Armenian music, uniting duduk players worldwide in their pursuit of excellence.

May our instruments bring love and joy to those who play and those who listen.